Why AUD?

  • A non-hierarchical, collegial, liberal university atmosphere
  • Handpicked faculty from the best universities in India and abroad, with thorough understanding of interdisciplinary research, methodologies and practice
  • Each programme and course, designed by the faculty and approved by a competent and expert authority, is cutting-edge, interdisciplinary and interactive.
  • Optimally-sized class cohorts, enabling a continuous and progressive assessment system based on the best practices in pedagog y..
  • A range of discipline based/interdisciplinary elective courses and applied courses, at both the UG and PG level.
  • Unique Undergraduate programmes with multiple exit possibilities, enabling students to graduate after three years with a single major or after four years with a dual major.
  • A common module in UG studies with foundational skills comprising language, writing skills, communication skills, analytical reasoning and a core module in social sciences.
  • Emphasis on group work, field-work and project-work, internships and professional partnerships.
  • A number of fee-waivers, fellowships and burseries available to students to ensure that financial difficulties never become impediment for meritorious students enrolling at AUD.





Dara Library stage

Courtyard Stage (oppRoom 69)

Peepul tree stage



Room 69

Nov. 2nd


2pm onwards


Opening ceremony





xPosed! (Photography)

3pm onwards

AUD team’s play

CASH-D play


Magic show




4pm onwards


AUD Sports Day prize distribution






6 pm onwards




Madangopal Singh concert




Nov. 3rd


10am onwards




Magic show

T-shirt painting

Street puppets

Reelz (Short film)

12pm onwards


Dance (Mashup)

Music (solo)

Magic show

Poster making

Street Play

Street puppets


3pm onwards

Dance (Pop)


Music (bands)

Magic show




4pm onwards








5pm onwards


Aud@city Prize distribution






6pm onwards