BVoc in Tourism and Hospitality                                                                                                         

BVoc in Retail Management                                                                                                                        

BVoc in Early Childhood Centre Management and Entrepreneurship   

BA Honours with a Major in Economics                                     

BA Honours with a Major in English                                              

BA Honours with a Major in History                                               

BA Honours with a Major in Mathematics                                

BA Honours with a Major in Psychology                                   

BA Honours with a Major in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

BA Honours with a Major in Sociology                                          

MA Law, Politics and Society                                                                            

MA Development Studies                                                                                      

MDes (Social Design)                                                                                                   

MA Education                                                                                                                    

MA Education (Early Childhood Care & Education)              

MA Environment & Development                                                                

MA Gender Studies                                                                                                        

MA Psychology (Psychosocial Clinical Studies)                      

MA English                                                                                                                            

MA Economics                                                                                                                   

MA History                                                                                                                            

MA Sociology                                                                                                                   

MA Film Studies                                                                                                                

MA Literary Art                                                                                                              

MA Visual Art                                                                                                                    

MA Performance Studies                                                                                    

Master of Business Administration

  • Welfare Measures at AUD
  • Special Drive Admission for PhD Psychology 
  • MPhil Comparative Literature and Translation Studies       (Fourth Admission List Announced) 

    MPhil Development Practice                                                                                  

    MPhil History                                                                                                                            (Second Admission List Announced)

    MPhil Mathematics                                                                                                             (First Admission List Announced) 

    MPhil Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy                                                       (Third Admission List Announced)

    MPhil Women’s and Gender Studies                                                                 

    PhD Comparative Literature and Translation Studies            (First Admission List Announced)

    PhD Development Studies                                                                                          (First Admission List Announced)

    PhD English                                                                                                                               (Fourth Admission List Announced)

    PhD Hindi (पीएचडी हिंदी)                                                                                                        (First Admission List Announced)

    PhD History                                                                                                                               (First Admission List Announced)

    PhD Human Ecology                                                                                                        (First Admission List Announced)

    PhD Mathematics                                                                                                                (First Admission List Announced) 

    PhD Psychology                                                                                                                   (Second Admission List Announced) 

    PhD Sociology                                                                                                                       (Second Admission List Announced) 

    PhD Women & Gender Studies