Undergraduate Studies

The School of Undergraduate Studies is central to the University’s vision. Its BA programmes offer students a unique liberal arts education that acquaints them with diverse approaches to knowledge. The undergraduate programme teaches students to think critically and creatively; to analyse and reason; to communicate effectively; and to make evidence-based conclusions. It aims to achieve a good balance between the range and depth of the subjects studied.


In the initial semesters, students take courses that draw on the Humanities, Social Sciences and Mathematical Sciences encouraging a deeper appreciation of these areas. They also take courses that enhance foundational skills in logical, analytical and quantitative reasoning, language proficiency and communication. Subsequently, the emphasis is on the depth of study where students select intensive courses related to their major discipline/s. In order to foster interdisciplinarity, they are also required to choose courses from disciplines other than their major. In addition, the program offers special interest courses that provide training and skills in applied and career-oriented fields.


Types of programme

AUD offers two types of BA Honours degrees:

  • BA Honours with a major in a single discipline.
  • BA Honours with a major in Social Sciences and Humanities in three disciplines.