School of Design (SDes)


The School of Design (SDes) at AUD is unique in its conception – this is the first time in India that design education will be institutionally embedded in and collaborating with the humanities and social sciences. The School draws from its distinct position within a Humanities and Social Sciences University to amalgamate core attributes of design with socially complex issues, needs and sectors. By relocating the object centred design focus to that of the “social”, the School of Design proposes to create better informed, sensitised, empowered and robust communities through new products, services, systems, interfaces and scenarios. This setting offers an opportunity to re-visualise design education and practice in order to creatively meet the multiple challenges offered by a rapidly changing, deeply interconnected local and global landscape. Simultaneously, the School of Design seeks to further, through design, AUD’s mandate of creating an equitable, just and sustainable society through social action.

We see this as an opportunity to question existing specializations within design education and practice, examine current curricular structures and pedagogies around the world and contemplate larger role and potential of design in Indian context. With a particular focus on the National Capital Region of Delhi, we will prepare design students to engage in challenges of visualising new services, systems, interfaces, products and enterprises.

The School of Design is visualised as both, a practice and research based school for pursuit of design education from UG level to MPhil/PhD. It will begin by offering masters programmes in Social Design, Service Design, Design Criticism, Design Theory, Design History other and related areas, followed by undergraduate programmes and eventually MPhil/PhD programmes.




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