Centre for English Language Education (CELE)

Admission Announcement for the Certificate course in CELE


The Centre for English Language Education (CELE) is envisaged as an institutional organ to address English language needs of the university students, to undertake outreach programmes for capacity building of teachers for providing quality English education to students of Delhi, and to function as a premier centre for research and curriculum development in English Language Education (ELE) in India. English language proficiency is one of the core requirement for higher studies in India. The centre proposes to offer several teaching and research programmes in ELE. The centre is visualized to serve three main purposes:

  • Support students of the university with their English language needs
  • Provide for and nurture English language education needs of professionals through pre-service and in-service programmes as outreach activities
  • Initiate and support research and innovation in the field of ELE


The specific objectives for achieving these two purposes are as follows:

  • Offer credit-based and non-credit courses to undergraduate, postgraduate and research students in language enhancement and enrichment
  • Offer English language education courses at Diploma/undergraduate/postgraduate/Ph.D. levels
  • Provide consultancy services to policy makers, organisations, publishers that require expertise in ELE
  • Organise needs-based courses and undertake projects in various aspects of ELE (teacher training, materials design, impact/evaluation studies etc.)




Current Projects

  • 3-month certificate course for capacity building of teachers
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of English language teachers of SCERT, Delhi


Future Plans (2018-2021)

  • M Phil/Ph. D. programmes in ELE
  • Postgraduate programmes in ELE
  • Elective courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Series of English language support workshops for aspirants of PG programmes in AUD
  • Needs-based workshops and training programmes for in-service teachers
  • Collaboration with the Indian and overseas institutions/organisations